Revealed: There’s a new way to access high quality leads ready to invest $1500+ per month for online fitness training sessions….


Join me for a free training where I'll show you how personal trainers are earning 4X more and working 4X less by enrolling $4K - $11K in qualified, pre-vetted premium online fitness clients every single month on LinkedIn clients without paid ads and complicated funnels.

PS: This is so simple that Molly went from teaching boot camps in-person at $50 per class… to generating $724,000 in 24 months fully online working with company executives.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is the hidden, untapped spot to acquire premium clients like CEOS, top level execs, A-listers, and more that have the means and are willing to pay 4-5 figures a month without 1:1 trainings and constant Zooms.

  • How to enroll premium clients like clockwork even if you've never had a presence on LinkedIn

  • Why transitioning to online fitness training will actually allow you to work with highly motivated people that are serious about results and that you enjoy coaching.

  • Why the clients you acquire on LinkedIn are more willing to pay for your expertise than those you've been acquiring with the old tired methods.

  • The giant mistake you're making by posting on FB, IG, and having groups that will get you clients but won't get you to the 5-6 figure monthly income you desire.

  • How to stop wasting time chasing dead end leads and creating endless amounts of content that don't yield a return on your investment of hours and hours of work.

  • The 3 critical things you’re currently missing that is stopping you from acquiring the types of clients you want.

  • What your actual LinkedIn profile should look like and communicate.

  • How to establish the level of communication needed to attract and retain premium clients.


The one simple tweak to your marketing that will enable you to earn 4x more while working 4x less in a matter of 2-3 months, max. 

I’m not asking you to trust me, I’m asking you to test me…

Why should you trust me? Well you shouldn’t….just like you shouldn’t trust the advice of just any 'Guru' when it comes to your business. That's exactly why I'm giving this training away for FREE.

The bottom line is that, due to personal circumstances I was forced into online coaching. I was hustling, posting all the content, struggling, frustrated, and have been where you are.

When I stumbled upon this hidden method of enrolling premium online clients via LinkedIn, I was blown away.

When I started sharing my hidden system with other online coaches and they started getting mind-blowing results, I knew I was on to something transformational in our industry.

In this 20 min training you'll gain some valuable insight...and maybe you'll want to apply this system to your fitness business.

And if you decide that you want my help? I'll guarantee you $30,000 in revenue from this proven process… or I'll will work with you one-on-one for free until you do.

No matter've got nothing to lose.

We Consistently Help Personal Trainers Transition to Full Time-Online

(👇scroll down for client interviews👇)

How my client Molly went from Burned Out In-Person Trainer to $724,000 online in 24 months following the Fitness Business Mastery Method:

How my client Ernest generated $90,000 in 5 months following our online fitness business mentorship process while transitioning from Full time in person training

How my client Kirsten an former Equinox Trainer of 16 years made 29k in 4 weeks using our online fitness system

How my client Lucas made 26k in One day using our Online Fitness System while working full time.

How my client Abby went from sending DM's and producing endless content without any clients to 9k in Online Fitness clients in 3 days following our process as a brand new online fitness coach

Jeremy Went from selling $75/session in person to a $6K online package for one client without zoom workouts.

Zach Signed the VP of Bridgestone Tires and $4,800 in sales primarily from LinkedIn:

Karen Made 15K in sales in 12 weeks as a brand new online coach from LinkedIn while working full time and managing TWO gyms:

Kody-Full-time Equinox trainer, made 8K in his first 30 days using our LinkedIn value sequence:

Jaquan 15K in online fitness packages from LinkedIn in 90 days:

 Rebecca Ethically got her first 9k online fitness client while showing up as her authentic self:

Sydney made 11k in her first three weeks of joining and quit her job at the gym:

Kyle went from endlessly posting content with low roi to 11k in his first 4 weeks: 

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